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Grace Amos singing with her eyes closed.

Give Up The Chase

A music video for Grace Amos' new single

Yass Hot Yoga. Video Production by Noisy Creations

Yass Hot Yoga

Yoga Classes by Lauren Hendriks promo video

A woman being interviewed in the Sourced Group corporate video.

Sourced Group

Great Place to Work certification video for Sourced Group

Latest Creations


New YouTube Video in:

Noisy Creations logo. Video production services

Simon Wyrembak

Founder & CCO

I am a videographer, creative content creator and musician, passionate about the creative process. The content I create is focused on bringing businesses and their customers closer together. My approach to video content is all about understanding the goals, needs and messaging so I can design the process to deliver the best experiences and outcomes. I have been building my experience across various industries, from the music industry, and creative sectors to events and L&D. The different positions I've worked in, helped me to establish a unique approach to video and creative content.

Simon Wyrembak, the videographer and founder
Noisy Creations exclamation mark

Video Productions

Noisy Creations is a video production company from Sydney that helps your business with boosting growth and building stronger relationships with your customers. We do that by understanding your unique needs to produce meaningful and effective videos. Whether it's a corporate video, brand video, music video or event video, we will make it stand out from the crowd.

Music Video

Noisy Creations are also about working with the creative sector. Music is our big passion and we love producing music videos. The creative combination of music and video is what we cherish. Given our experience and understanding of the music industry, we are eager to dive deep into the creative process with you!

Corporate Video

Meaningful videos are the ones that work for your business and are valuable to your clients. 

But what does that mean for you? That means we will deliver videos that are


• perfectly tailored to your target group

• effectively promoting your products and services
• working for your growth
• building stronger relationships with your customers

Working with Noisy Creations


Creating with others makes the process even noisier. Meet our partners – creatives from different parts of the world. Getting together and working on complex and various projects is what we do. From logo design, SEO and marketing strategies to business videos, Noisy Creations Collective can cover it all for your peace of mind.

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