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The Strategic Value of Video Content Production in Branding and Marketing

How video production can help you build a successful marketing strategy

Today, in an age of information noise and content overload, video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the advertising strategies of companies around the world. Nowadays, many, even small brands, are taking advantage of promoting themselves through audiovisual content. It is definitely worth considering this area of marketing, as incorporating video into a marketing strategy can bring significant benefits, such as increasing brand awareness, building a strong reputation or improving customer relations.

The strategic value of video content in branding and marketing

What are the key factors behind the growing importance of video marketing?

Effectiveness in achieving marketing goals

Video helps deliver on objectives such as building brand awareness, acquiring customers or increasing sales. When it comes to the selling potential of video, it is worth bringing up a statistic where 87% of marketers state that video has helped them directly to increase sales. This demonstrates the high return on investment of video marketing.

The high engaging power of video 

Videos can effectively capture the attention of an audience and hold it for longer than static creations such as text or images. What makes videos so attractive? Thanks to its dynamism and ability to convey information, video engages audiences on three levels: emotional, intellectual and sensory. As a result, not only does the content we want to communicate reach the viewer but there is a much greater chance that they will remember it for longer. 

Changing consumer behaviour 

On average, people spend 100 minutes a day watching online video, indicating an increased interest in video compared to other forms of media. As technology evolves and content availability changes, media consumers have more options and prefer those that are more direct and engaging, such as video.

Social media algorithm preferences 

Video content is also further promoted by Facebook, or Instagram, as it increases user engagement. This will convert into improved visibility and reach for your brand on social media.

Ease of consumption 

Being able to convey complex information in an accessible and attractive way makes it easier for viewers to absorb content. Shorter video content is becoming more popular partly due to the ever-shortening attention span of audiences. People prefer quick, visual forms of communication, leading to a decline in interest in long text posts.

Types of video used in marketing

There are different types of video marketing. They serve various purposes and support diverse marketing activities, so choosing the right format should be tailored to your company's capabilities, goals and budget.

What types of videos can you use to promote your business?

Promotional videos 

These focus on showcasing products or services and convincing customers to buy them. They are designed to grab customers' attention with attractive visual effects and creative scripts. Often their script is written in the language of benefits and present ways to solve customer problems. In addition, companies often use this medium to tell an interesting story about a product, event or service.

Corporate films 

Those typically portray a company's mission, vision, values and organisational culture. They can be used to create a brand image and build relationships with customers, business partners or potential employees. If you have started to yawn at this point, let me assure you that a corporate video does not have to be terribly boring at all. All it takes is a little imagination, a relaxed approach, and our experience in creating offbeat videos, and your company's action-packed showcase film will be ready.

Don't believe it? Check out our production with Amplify!

Educational videos

Their purpose is to educate customers on how to use a product or how to perform a certain task. The legend has it that someone once opened an instruction manual. Therefore, don't risk your customer not knowing how to use your product and create an accessible audiovisual user manual for them. Additionally, these types of videos can help promote your brand as a source of interesting content. Are you in a so-called 'difficult industry' or the operation of your product seems trivial and not worth explaining?  Rest assured that both a complex industry and a simple operation can be presented in an interesting way.

Videos of customer feedback and experiences 

There is no greater power and better advertising than satisfied clients. Their testimonial in a video can increase trust in your brand and build its credibility in the eyes of potential buyers.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

The possibilities are many, but let's get to what interests you most - the benefits that video marketing will bring to your business: 

Increased brand recognition

Video can effectively build brand awareness because it allows you to convey your company's values and personality in a way that is appealing and connected to emotions. The more viewers identify with the message, the more likely they are to recommend the brand to others. 

Building trust

Videos help build brand trust and credibility. They can show that the company cares about the audience's needs and strives to solve their problems, which increases the chance of maintaining a long-term relationship.

Boosting sales

Films can convince customers to buy in an extremely efficient way. This transforms into an uplift in sales and, therefore, revenue.  According to statistics, around 70% of viewers have made a purchase after seeing a brand's video on YouTube, and 64% of global consumers make a purchase after watching a brand's video on social media. Don't let so many sales opportunities pass you by!

Increase customer engagement

Video encourages audience interaction - comments, shares and likes. This leads to an increase in content reach and brand visibility on social media and search engines. It is worth remembering that the more a client engages in an interaction with you, the easier it will be to convince them to buy.

Standing out from the competition

Creative videos can make your brand stand out in the market, attracting customers' attention and building a positive corporate image. They can also set you apart from your competitors. In many industries, companies promote themselves in a certain way, so you be different! Differentiate or die - as the title of Jack Trout's book says.

How do you start video marketing in your business?

Implementing video marketing in your company's operations may seem complicated, but it is as achievable as can be. Start by defining the goal you want to accomplish. This could be to increase brand awareness or sales, educate customers or promote new products.

If you don't have the internal resources to implement strategic video marketing, no worries! We'll help you develop a strategy, produce high-quality content and optimise and distribute your content. We invite you to a commitment-free call - sign up now!

We’d love to learn more about you and your company to design your video strategy with you. Noisy Cretaions is your one-stop-shop for video production excellence, and we specialise in creating videos that don't just look great but drive real results for your business. Book a call and let’s make some noise for your not-just-another video production!

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