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A band Killers in Red playing live on stage. Music by Noisy Creations

The Music of Noisy Creations

"Music was always there. Throughout the years I've been playing in bands, recording albums, composing songs, performing live and supporting the music industry. Noisy Creations wouldn't be so noisy without music – my beautiful passion"
- Simon Wyrembak

Latest Project


Simon.Voo is a solo project I'm currently working on. After moving to Australia at the beginning of 2022 and parting ways with previous bands in Europe [see below], the time has come to work on the songs I have been writing for years, which never fit any other project I worked on before. The new material is an indie mixture of sentiment, nostalgia, experiencing changes and facing new challenges, but on a positive note. The story being told by the songs is wrapped with melodic guitars and vocals playing the main role among other instruments, bringing to mind the legacy of artists such as Jeff Buckley, Dave Matthews' Band and Beck. Two-fold fruits of Simon.Voo project will be: a long play album with all the new compositions and a full band, and solo-acoustic acts across Australia, presenting the alternative versions of the original songs, and the ones played throughout the years with bands such as Killers in Red or YOY. The singles promising the album will see the daylight in the second half of 2022. 

  • Simon.Voo on Instagram
  • Simon.Voo's YouTube playlist
  • Killers in Red on Spotify
Simon.Voo, a man with tatoos sitting and smiling. Music by Noisy Creations
"Girl from the missing picture"

Live version of the latest single promising the solo album


YOY [Why Oh Why?] is an oneiric duo formed by Joanna [singing] Markowska and Szymon Wyrembak [me] [guitar, singing]. A long friendship and shared musical experiences led to a project which became common factors for their musical and lyrical expression. YOY are saute vocal harmonies combined with the raw guitar sound, spiced with electronic samples adding a subtle flavour. The icing on this musical cake is uncompromising lyrics, filled with emotions, existential fear and the duality of human nature. The band was formed in 2016 as a two friends initiative, slowly transforming into a conscious organism, constantly asking the world – "Why?". YOY recorded and released a couple of singles like "Good luck", "Bad news sky", "Don't make me stop", or "I believe". The group's live gigs were always a mixture of sad songs interwoven with funny stories.

  • YOYs YouTube Channel
  • YOY Facebook fanpage
  • YOY on Instagram
A band YOY, a man and a woman laying down on the ground covered with leaves. Music by Noisy Creations
"Good luck"

Live From Garage performance of YOY's single


It was my solo project, developed throughout the years, officially started in 2012. As the name suggests it was funky music combined with my last name. It was all about the melody and the pumping rhythm to shake the hips and to make you feel like wearing your dancing shoes! Although it was a solo project, many musicians were involved in studio sessions, and live gigs. As a band, WYREMFUNK played a lot of gigs, released two albums, and two music videos. 

  • WYREMFUNK's YouTube Channel
  • WYREMFUNK's Facebook fanpage
WYREMFUNK band, a man singing and playing guitar on stage. Music by Noisy Creations
"Don't make me stop"

Live session captured and produced by Feel'N'Good Studio


Probably the best Rock n' Roll band in the world. BUNGA was a bold mixture of everything that was the best in rock n' roll – unpretentious energy, timeless aesthetics and the ravishing power of playing live. The trio was formed by three rebellious souls who have created an original recipe for a spicy interpretation of the greatest hits. But the band added also a solid portion of original songs with an edge and rock punch which take everyone without exception to the era of great kings of rock n' roll. All this served with thrilling riffs and burning dance floors.

  • BUNGA's YouTube Channel
  • BUNGA's Facebook fanpage
  • on Instagram
BUNGA band. Three dressed up men holding instruments in front of a pink cadillac. Music by Noisy Creations

Music viceo

Previous Bands & Projects

Killers in Red

Killers in Red are Szymon Wyrembak [me] (guitar, vocal), Jarek Gacek (bass) and Kuba Pałka (drums). The trio is a mixture of stylish swag n’ roll and dark but sexy film influences. Spacious and strong sound with solid, no-rushing groove are perfectly matching honest lyrics. This is what defines Killers in Red debut, self-titled EP album released on February 14th. First single – No Love – was released on January 3rd with the band's very first video. Killers in Red started performing live and preparing touring plans. The debut was followed by digital distribution of the EP thanks to the cooperation with Independent Digital. In June 2020 the band released another single – How do we end – which was produced by Vintage Sessions. Another effect of this cooperation was released in July and is entitled Never Return. The trio has recorded a new single Friend, I’ll come back home soon produced by Marcin Pater and will be released in January 2022.

  • Killers in Red on Spotify
  • Killer in Red's YouTube Channel
  • Killers in Red Facebook fanpage
  • Killers in Red on Instagram
A band Killers in Red, three man dressed up walking down the street. Music by Noisy Creations
"How Do We End?"

Latest Killers in Red single during Live Session recorder and produced by Vintage Sessions

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