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'Noisy Giveaway'. Insta contest

Are you a musician, band, songwriter or producer? Don't miss a chance to take your music and career to the next level! Enter the Noisy Giveaway and win a fantastic creative bundle of a music video, photoshoot, and venue time worth of A$ 3500!

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And the winner is...

Check Grace Amos on Instagram.


Ok, but what's

in it for me?

Joining the giveaway as partner basically means that you become one of a couple (3-4) co-organisers who will benefit equally. What does it mean for you? A couple of things!

1. You organically grow your Instagram reach and followers. That means community building and networking opportunities.

2. That given, you boost your brand awareness. That means marketing opportunities.

3. That leads to sales enablement and simply - business opportunities. 

4. Your portfolio might be already very wide, or you're running your business only for 2 years - like Noisy Creations! - but it's always great to extend your reel with some collab projects!


Well, it's a giveaway, isn't it?

So by definition someone is getting something that someone else is giving. And in this case it's no different. As mentioned above, by joining, you're kind of becoming a co-organiser. That may sound like a lot, but in fact, the whole organisational aspects are on Noisy Creations. Of course - you're free to contribute as much as you want! So what is your "in" if you want a steak? Again, it's super simple:

1. You're keen to share the giveaway on your social media.

2. You contribute to the giveaway with you creative work [e.g. shooting a video, doing a photo shoot, doing a recording session]. The idea is to prepare a bundle that will be attractive for participants. And valued at a certain amount of $$$. It's open for a discussion what kind of service you'd like to offer.

No minimum, no maximum entry! 

3. It would be nice not only to offer the service, but actually execute and provide it to the winning artist, band, producer, or songwriter ;)

Oh yeah?
And all that for free?

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Who is it for?

If you're making your own music, you are at least 18 years old and based in Sydney Metropolitan Area, you're basically good to go! You also need to have an active Instagram account to enter. It can be your personal account, band's, or creator's profile. *

It doesn't matter if you are a solo artist, a band, DJ, producer or songwriter. The music genre you're playing is not a factor either! What matters is that you are passionate about music, you write your own original music and want to reach out to a broader audience!

* More information about eligibility in the Official Rules below. T&Cs apply.

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Entering the Noisy Giveaway couldn't be easier! To enter you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Follow the organizers' Instagram official accounts:


Noisy Creations: @_noisy_creations_ []

-Hamoody Films: @hamooodyfilms []

-Cesar Echeverri: @cesar_cae2 []

-Woodburn Creatives: @woodburncreatives []


2. Like the Giveaway post on Noisy Creation's account: URL.......................

3. Comment on the post adding at least 1 #tag describing your music and tag 3 friends who are also musicians or producers.

Simple, right? The giveaway will be open for entries between: ..........................
The winner will be announced on Instagram on...........................

How to enter

How to enter

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Entries closed on 16.08.2022 at 11.59 pm.

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How is it even

gonna work?

If you made it to this point (yay!), it looks that you might be interested and would like to hear more about the giveaway itself. The contest flow is pretty straight forward and will be held entirely on Instagram. A 'master' post will be created on Noisy Creation's Instagram account and shared among the partners' accounts. It will contain the communication about the contest, the partners, terms and conditions [very important!] and the what to do to enter the contest, and it goes as follows:

1. Follow all the partners' [co-organisers] accounts

2. Like the post

3. Tag 3 friends and add 3 #tags describing the music video of your dreams

Simple right? The giveaway will be open for 7 days and after that, the winner will be chosen randomly.

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Noisy Giveaway is an extraordinary chance to win a massive creative bundle consisting of: *

1. Music video or live video production worth of A$ 2000

2. Professional photoshoot worth of A$ 1000

3. Woodburn Creatives venue time for a video production and a photoshoot worth of A$ 500

The value of the whole bundle comes to A$ 3500 and can boost your career like nothing else! 

* Prize details, terms and condition described in the Official Rules. T&Cs apply.

The prize

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Official Rules.
Terms & Conditions

Before entering the Giveaway, please make sure that you've read and understood the Official Rules.

If you have any questions regarding the Giveaway, don't hesitate and reach out via the contact form.

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Noisy Giveaway’s goal is to bring Sydney’s creatives together. It is about visual creators connecting with the music industry – bands, songwriters and producers to create together, boost networking and collaboration opportunities.


The Giveaway is a chance for musicians, bands and producers to win a unique prize bundle consisting of a music video, photoshoot and full-day venue hire to let that magic happen. All that to help them kick-off or boost their career!


Noisy Giveaway is organised by Noisy Creations and partners: Hamoody Films, Cesar Echeverri (Cae2Productions) and Woodburn Creatives.

It's all about

community and collaboration

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